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They're munching our trees, invading our waters, and taking over our favorite natural communities. They are invasive species! They outcompete, outlast, and outlive our natives.

If you are interested in taking your students from awareness of the problem to taking action, these lessons are for you. The PHCWPMA and RGCWPMA have created four interactive and engaging lessons for each age group and all the materials that you will need are available to borrow. Contact Hannah Wroton at 304-635-4424 or to find out more or request a trunk

PreK-2nd grade Habitat and Non-native Invasive Species

3rd-5th grade Aquatic Non-native Invasive Species

6th-8th grade Terrestrial Non-native Invasive Species

9th-12th grade Insect Non-native Invasive Species



Fighting Aquatic Invasive Species in West Virginia

Fighting Invasive Forest Pests and Pathogens in West Virginia

Fighting Invasive Plants in West Virginia


Invasive Species Videos

Public service announcement

Tree of heaven

Japanese knotweed

Why you should care about invasive species

Garlic mustard