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The Pests that Girdle the Home of Tucker the Turtle


Hi, everyone! I'm Tucker from The Pests that Girdle the Home of Tucker the Turtle, a children's poetry book written by the Potomac Highlands Cooperative Weed and Pest Management Area. I just wanted to share with you how non-native invasive species are affecting the forests and rivers that my friends and I call home.

Invasive species are a big problem that affects us all, so gather your friends and family and help me restore our natural environment! You can learn more by reading my book and by looking at the other pages on the CWPMA Website. You can also follow me on twitter at twitter.com/tucker_turtle or on my blog at: tuckertheturtle1.tumblr.com/ or by email at: Tuckertheturtle1@gmail.com.

Tucker - An Adventurous Turtle

Before my book was published, I asked all my fans to take me on their adventures! I went to some really amazing places and met some awesome people! You can see pictures from my wonderful adventures below.

I still want to go to more places, so please consider taking me on your next trip. Just print the picture of me below, cut me out, and take me some place amazing. Then, take my picture! You can send me a quick note about where "we" went together along with the photo at: Tuckertheturtle1@gmail.com. I'll post some of my favorite pictures on this website.